• Carly Morton

10 things / you don't know about me

I'm far from an enigma and yet, I do have a few little gems up my sleeve that are now about to be revealed for the world to know.

1. I had a Harry Potter shrine in my cupboard.

No joke. It was there for a good year. As part of my shrine I kept all the books, cut outs from magazines or newspapers and memorabilia. Come on guys, I was in year six. I would also frequently sit by my shine and just look at the stuff I had collected. Everything was in meticulous condition. And while I still love Harry Potter, the shrine has been packed away.

2. I am scared of the dark and heights.

If I have to climb up a couple of rungs on a ladder my breathing starts to get shallow. Even though I'm no longer a child, getting up in the middle of the night when it is dark still gives me the creeps. I start imagining hectic stuff like murderers lurking in my closet.

3. My dream job is to be a spy.

I even applied for ASIO (Aussie Intelligence Agency) but this was before I fully knew about selection criteria so it wasn't a great application. In saying that, I have no counter terrorism degree and am not able to speak any foreign languages so I probably wasn't the best candidate.

4. Stephen King's "It" meant that I avoided street drains for years.

Hectic movie about a killer clown who eats little kids and lives in the sewer. I also wasn't able to say the name "Pennywise" or go into the downstairs of my nan's house because I was convinced he lived there. I recently watched the movie with Dave. He thought it was pathetic...but Pennywise the clown still freaked me the heck out.

5. My first concert was Korn.

The kids at school still find it surprising when I tell them that I went through a metal faze. I don't listen to that sort of stuff anymore, but I bet I still remember the words.

6. My karaoke classic is "Total Eclipse of the Heart".

I have sung it at a bar in Washington, D.C. I have burst into a Year 12 classroom and started belting it out (Followed by the teacher next door popping her head in and being amazed that I knew so many words).

7. I have three tatoos- All related to my faith.

One of my tats says "Daughter of God" in Spanish and my Dad likes to joke that apparently he is God.

8. My HSC body of work for art was me ripping my face off.

What can I say? I was an emotional teenager. I still have it though and will put it up in my house one day. My art teacher still talks about my body of work to her students when it comes time for them to create their own.

9. My favourite animals are Meercats and Penguins.

10.I don't have a middle name.

A shock to just about everyone who has ever asked. Apparently "Carly" was long enough.

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