• Carly Morton

20 Ways to lift your mood

One of the biggest things I learnt last year is that; something that can make us feel low is the perception that we need to have it together at all times, that having a bad day, or week, or month is unacceptable.

This notion is completely untrue and unsustainable.

Don't feel bad that your having a crappy day or not feeling your best. BUT chances are, you probably don't want to stay there wallowing and dwelling in a negative space. So, if crap's hit the fan and your down in the dumps and wanting to feel more positive, here are some easy things you can do to lift your mood.

Listen to a podcast- I love 'Coffee Talk' by Kalyn Nicholson and am currently listening to 'RISE' by Rachel Hollis. I also recently started her 'Rise Together' podcast and am loving 'Goaldigger' by jenna kutch

Go out for a walk in nature- If you live in the Shoalhaven, check out my YouTube channel to get some ideas for great bush walks or adventures.

Journal- It's so therapeutic to write stuff down and if you can make it pretty and artsy at the same time it's so much fun.

Read an inspiring book- In 2018 I went on a reading marathon and found so many great books. See some of my book club blogs linked below.

Some of my favourite books!

Do some gardening- Or if you don't have a garden or room for one, maybe pot some cool plants and put them around your house.

Change up your bedroom- I love nothing more that switching up my house. I'm currently renting and our house is SO small so it's impossible to move anything around which is so annoying.

Make a vision board- Get on Pinterest and print off things that inspire you or related to your goals. Put them up on the back of your bedroom door or somewhere else you see on a daily basis.

Have a cuppa- Honestly, tea fixes everything!

Give yourself some love- I love treating myself. Check out my Self Love Sunday Routine on YouTube.

Watch a feel good movie- I have watched Legally Blonde so many times I could recite it word for word.

Clean- Cleaning is so satisfying, especially vacuuming the floor. I guarantee once you have cleaned something, you will feel much better.

Exercise- "Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy, happy people don't kill their husbands" Quote from Legally Blonde (told ya!)

Stretch- If you can't be bothered exercising, maybe stretch or do some foam rolling. Your body will feel so good.

Go for a swim and lay in the sun- I have a reserve at the end of our street and have spent much of Sumer 2018/19 heading down there, relaxing and enjoying being outdoors.

Create a kickass playlist- I LOVE putting music on at home and singing and dancing around the house. You can't beat badass girl boss tunes.

Watch some inspirational YouTube videos- I love Whitney Simmons for fitness, Sarahs Day for health and LilyLike and Kalyn Nicholson for lifestyle. They inspire me so much not only in life but in my own creativity. Check out my channel also haha!

Family Time- I love hanging out with my family, even if its only having a cuppa and a chat.

Travel- There is something beautiful about traveling. If you can't afford to at the moment, why not start planning a trip for the future.

Dress up- Put on some nice clothes, do your hair and put on make up. It doesn't matter if you have no where to go, you will look and feel great.

Take a bath- Kind of fits in to self love but it's so awesome it needs to have its own category. I had a bath recently with a candle, essential oil diffuser, bubbles and flowers in the water and watched YouTube videos. It was beautiful.

Carly xx

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