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2019 Reflections and 2020 goals

I love to set goals for the New Year. And I don't mean that in a 'New Years Resolutions' sort of way, but more of creating vision, purpose and direction for my life sort of way.

As I've gone about 2019, I've kept in mind that my word of the year was 'peace'. I prayed for God's peace CONSTANTLY. I asked him to give me peace and I sought peace in my everyday life. I read over my 2018 reflections and 2019 visions blog post and recalled that I wanted to have a greater sense of peace about my future, the current state of my life and to exude more peace at work.

While I wouldn't describe myself as a peaceful sort of person by any means, I'm really happy with the progress I made during 2019 in this realm. I certainly have a greater sense of peace about the current state of my life. I used to get really frustrated that I don't own my own home or have a permanent job. But now I'm just grateful to be living where I am and to be employed in a well-paying position with great hours and excellent holidays.

I also used to get frustrated about my future, feeling like I had to stick to a timeline and control everything. While there are still things I want in life and I'm actively working towards them, I don't feel so compelled to stick to a schedule. I really like my life at the moment.

You probably wouldn't know this when you see me go off my tree at work, but I have been more peaceful at school also. There are certain situations that used to bother me that don't anymore and I find that I'm much better at letting go of things when I get home than I used to be. 2019 really tested me when it came to being peaceful at work because there was new experiences that presented themselves that were highly frustrating and stressful. It was really difficult for my spirit to be at peace during these times because I had never dealt with them before. While I certainly hope I never have to again, if I do, I know that I'll be better equipped to overcome it.

So, on to 2020.

Recently the word 'Joy' has been popping up a lot during my prayer times. During this year I want to do things with a joyful soul and to find joy in the everyday. I also have a number of goals that I hope to maintain or achieve during this year including:

- Continue to put out weekly videos on YouTube. In April, I will have put out a video per week for two whole years!

- Learn how to use a better editing program. I have been using iMovie and like it but think I have used all that is available to me. I am looking into Premier Rush. It has more features but from the tutorials seems way easier to use than Premier Pro.

- Put out at least one blog post per month. I really lost a passion for blogging during 2019. For the majority of the year, I put out a post a fortnight and would like to continue that into 2020 but don't want to pressure myself.

- Go to the gym at least three times per week. I'm really good at going both days every weekend but have more trouble going during the week, especially if I've had a busy or stressful day.

- Drink two glasses of water per day (we have big glasses). I feel like I'm perpetually dehydrated and it's not good.

- Have 1000 subscribers on YouTube. This one is a tricky one because, ultimately, it's up to other people to decide whether I achieve this goal or not. But I can do things to help it along such as putting out interesting, helpful and well-created content and continuing to be more confident in front of the camera. Help me achieve this goal by subscribing to my channel here.

- Own my own home. Again this one is dependant on me finding a home I like, in the area I like for a price I can afford. I'm not going to buy a house just to say I have a house. But again, I can help it along by continuing to save and actively looking and enquiring.

- Plan another overseas trip. I'm not sure that I want to GO on another overseas trip this year (especially if my goal of buying a house is achieved) but I do want to have one in the works, even if it's for 2021.

- Get work for 2021. It's always good to continue to have a job.

- Watch a sermon a week on YouTube. I really miss going to church but don't feel up to finding a new one where I live and doing the whole 'getting to know people' thing. Instead, I have been watching sermons online, mostly from Transformation Church in Tulsa. I love their Pastor, his vibe and the messages have taught me a lot already.

- Finish reading The Old Testament. I have read The New Testament many times and started reading The Old Testament once. I was working chronologically and got through at least five books but then it really got BORING. Numbers, Judges and the ones surrounding are not fun. I then headed down to Psalms and am working my way on from there. I will them head back and read any I missed.

So there you have it, my goals, vision, hope and dreams for 2020! What are you hoping to achieve this year?

Carly xx

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