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Beat the Winter Blues | 20 things to do in Winter

I remember being a teenager and hating winter because "there was nothing to do". Any parents reading this blog may be one "I'm bored" away from a mental breakdown.

I once read this quote saying that only boring people get bored, and as I've gotten older I've started to realise that it's kinda true. Boredom can often come to those who don't have the creativity, inspiration or imagination to make something out of nothing, to find the 'fun' in the everyday or to be organised.

If wintertime is making you sullen and your lacking the inspiration to spend your days blissfully, then read on for 20 ideas to spend a dreary winters day.

1. Sleep in, don't rush to start your day

2. Make some soup from scratch

3. Light the fire and rug up

4. Watch a movie with a warm beverage

5. Read a book you've been meaning to get to

6. Get your taxes organised

7. Clean out your kitchen cupboards

8. Create a bullet journal

9. Find some cool podcasts and make a playlist

10. Try an at-home workout

11. Organise your wardrobe and donate clothing

12. Print off photos on your phone and put them in a scrapbook

13. Start a blog

14. Plan a trip somewhere warm

15. Host a dinner party

16. Play a board game

17. Research something you are passionate about

18. Watch YouTube to learn yoga

19. DIY something for or around your house

20. Catch up on appointments and jobs you haven't had time to do

Each school holidays I like to set goals for myself, things that I want to achieve both personally and in terms of work. I can certainly say that numbers 1, 3, 4 and 5 will certainly be occurring this winter.

I am also aiming to complete numbers 7, 9 and 14 (however, my trip won't be to a warm location).

I put number 17 on the list because I want to look deeper into fitness supplements and the new alarming research that has come out about their negative repercussions.

Number 20 seems to happen every holidays.

What are your favourite winter activities?

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