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Becoming the ultimate #GIRLBOSS

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

If you haven't already guessed, the term #girlboss is kind of a favourite of mine.

You may have seen my post earlier this year about the epic Girlboss Emily Bass from cosmetics brand Tiger and Taupe. I chose to feature Em on my blog not only because she is a friend and an awesome chick, but because like me, she is a full time teacher who decided to go after her OTHER passion...because who says you CAN'T have it all.

That was super inspiring.

Earlier this year I also read the novel by Sophia Amoruso and watched the TV show of the same name, trying to pin down what actually made someone a Girlboss and how could we all add a little Girlboss to our lives.

Unfortunately the book wasn't very helpful. Sure it gave me insight into how Sophia became CEO of global fashion company Nasty Gal and provided tips and tricks on starting your own business.

But to me, being a Girlboss doesn't necessarily mean running your own business. Sure, it can, but I don't think that's the only definition of the term. When I talk about being a Girlboss, I mean being a woman who is also a BOSS...and picture that word being said by Beyonce or someone else of a girl power gangsta nature.

So, we get the 'girl' part, but what about the 'boss' bit. What does it mean to be a boss?

I reached out on Instagram to see what my lovely lady followers believed that it meant to be a Girlboss and here is what they thought:

@harpsie_babyy Confidence, passion, dedication, kindness, belief and the ability to laugh extremely loud.

@the_lifestyleloop To me it means that your doing something you like and you're killing it.

@oohlalalaurainsta ..It means that you are owning your path, mission or passion.

@thefashionsessions To me it means being your best self and taking your destiny into your own hands.

@dananicoledesigns I think it means being able to pick yourself up and keep on going when you need to.

@thesisterhoodaustralia Trying to work your own hours, to be there for your kids. Struggling at times, inventing, improvising, making mistakes, following a passion and forever learning and growing.

@solution.sensation Girlboss- killing it and inspires others.

Love it ladies!

You will notice from each of these comments that every woman had a different perspective and every one was completely accurate. Whats more, none of those definitions created the ideal of being a Girlboss as something that is challenging or difficult for any person to reach.

In fact, I believe that we all have the potential to cultivate Girlboos habits and characteristics in order to create a passionate and inspiring life for ourselves and others.

In the next Girlboss blog I will discuss some of the small habits you can integrate into your everyday life to absolutely SLAY your Girlboss game.

Carly xx

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