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Book Club | Material Girl, Mystical World

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

I discovered "Material Girl, Mystical World" by Ruby Warrington through Amazon. Handy Tip: Make use of Amazon's 'recommended' features and make sure you read the customer reviews for each item you are considering buying for a better buying experience. Majority of the customer reviews for this book were really positive and based off the overview it seemed like something I would be interested reading.

I can confirm, this book is awesome.

The blurb states "Utterly transporting and stylish, Material Girl, Mystical World takes you on an unforgettable journey through modern spirituality- from meditation and tarot to astrology- guided by wise and witty tastemaker Ruby Warrington, founder of The Numinous."

When I first received it in the mail and was opening the package, my partner saw the bright pink cover and said the words "Material Girl" with a look of judgement and disdain on his face, clearly thinking that the book was somehow about materialism or some sort of consumer driven advice.

This is very much NOT the case.

I would strongly suggest that the "Material Girl" aspect of the title is a refection of Warrington's former career in fashion and her current fashionable tastes that remain very sleek and stylish despite her so called 'spiritual awakening'.

Now I would like to preface this by saying that I consider myself 'spiritual' in a religious sense but don't subscribe o the accuracy of tarot, astrology or crystals. HOWEVER, even if your not a believer of this sort of stuff, I do think it's a highly interesting book and personally found it rather intriguing to learn about the beliefs and practices surrounding healing, yoga and meditation. As a result, I would suggest that this book is not only for individuals invested in that type of lifestyle but also anyone wishing to broaden their perspective and learn about different ways of living and practising spirituality.

I like how the cover states "The Now Age guide to a High-Vibe life" because this book is not only about spiritual and mystical trends, but rather about self-awareness and self-improvement. Warrington also talks about your period as 'sacred Goddess code', finding your 'Devine Feminine' and 'The Inner Beauty vs Botox debate' which are topics relevant to many women in modern society.

If you've read any of my other Book Club blogs you would know that one of the things that appeals to me the most in recent books I've read is having that personal connection between the author and the audience through the sharing of personal anecdotes. Ruby Warrington manages to do this very well and I found it inspiring and intriguing to 'watch' her transform from highly strung business woman to blissed out and self-aware spiritual warrior. Even though my spirituality is Christian, not necessarily 'mystic' or 'now-age' this book certainly motivated me to transform my perception of self and the world around me as well as reinvigorate my own spiritual practices.

A great quote I gleaned from the Introduction chapter was "If social media, for example, has created what some people are calling a 'disconnection epidemic', then esoteric practices like astrology and meditation become a (necessary) way to reconnect-sure, to each other, but not least to ourselves...Not to mention the freedom it's [the internet] given us to totally blur the lines when it comes to what a person who identifies as 'spiritual' should look like." (p.3)

From this book, I've learnt the importance of being curious and open. I have also started incorporating more rituals of stillness and selfceare, that in my opinion, don't have to have anything to do with being 'hippy' but more to do with living your best life and having the courage to be the person you want to be.

Carly xx

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