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I'm slightly addicted to cute coffee table books.

I remember the first one I bought because it was 'Cupcakes and Cashmere' by Emily Schuman, creator of the blog of the same name. It was through sifting through the beautiful pages of this book, and in turn, admiring her blog that the seed for blogging was planted in me. While this blog is not about the 'Cupcakes and Cashmere' book, it is a delightful and inspiring read, not only for bloggers, so definitely check it out.

But this book, I was not intending to buy....

I had merely gone to the grocery store to "get a few things" when I thought I'd have a little look in the boutique next door. I'm not a compulsive shopper when it comes to clothes, but books are another story indeed. Books are magical and mesmerizing. The beauty of looking at the pictures and turning the pages, is something even my minimalist self cannot deny.

What's it about?

'Wanderful' by Andi Eaton is a trendy travel guide to hotspots in the US. She deems it "The modern bohemian's guide to travelling in style".

Eaton shows you the hidden gems along nine of America's greatest road trips. Along the way she gives you style advice and drops in some cool inspiration for films, books and tunes to create the ultimate travel experience.

What I like about it

I got the travel bug about eight years ago, when I went overseas for the first time, and like Andi, did a full on America tour. Since then, books, films and photos that inspire me to travel have been joyfully enjoyed and tucked away for those dreary days where I need a pick me up.

I'm certainly not 'cool' enough to be bohemian or hipster, but I love looking at the trendy photos sprinkled throughout the book and imagine myself as one of those beautiful fashionistas enjoying travelling with effortless chic.

The reality is much different...

Mostly, I enjoy this book because it is pretty and aspirational.

Normally this is the part where I do 'Great quotes from the book' but since it is a coffee table book, there isn't much to quote per se. However, one of the cool things Eaton does throughout is include some quotes to inspire the wanderer within. One of these that resonated with me was by F. Scott Fitzgerald "It's a funny thing coming home. Nothing changes. Everything looks the same, even smells the same. You realize what's changed is you." Travelling certainly changes you. It opens you up to a new way of thinking and seeing the world. It makes you truly appreciate where you live and the lifestyle you are blessed to have.

The two routes that entice me the most are 'The Eastern Seaboard' featuring Boston and 'Southern Swamplands' featuring Savannah and New Orleans. I have been lucky enough to visit both Savannah and New Orleans and would gladly revisit them and experience that 'southern charm' once more. Boston always reminds me of 'Gilmore girls' and I imagine quaint lanes with golden leaves. The south is all about pastel houses and food made with love.

This book is for hipsters, picture lovers, explorers, bloggers, avid Instagrammers, those who need to be inspired or motivated and those who just happen to have a little 'wanderlust' themselves.

A trip is in the works and that traveller within me is satiated once more...where are you off to next?

Carly xx

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