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Book Club | You are a Badass at Making Money

When I read Jen Sincero's first book "You are a Badass" I was pretty impressed. It challenged me to change my way of thinking and re-write the stories I had been telling myself , ones I had long since assumed were true.

It also used a whole heap of mumbo-jumbo words like 'increase your vibrations/frequency' and 'tap into your higher self' which were somewhat off-putting. Nevertheless, it was a great read and I certainly got a lot out of it.

While I consider myself a pretty nifty saver, I decided to check out her companion book "You are a Badass at Making Money" to see if there were any new tips and tricks I could glean to take those savings into overdrive.

What's it about?

Well it's pretty well self-explanatory by the title and the cover...it's about strategies you can incorporate into your life to help you make money or be successful in some way. Some of the phrases Sincero uses on the blurb are "Master the mindset of money" and "A life-changing guide to making the money you've only dreamed of".

The law of attraction plays a big part in this book. I am interested in learning more about this way of thinking, so reading those sections was rather interesting and informative.

What I like about it

I like that most of the things she talks about have to do with shifting your mindset about money and changing the way you think and speak about money to reflect positive ideas rather than reinforce ideas of lacking.

Changing the way you think about money, while it can take time, is something that everyone has the capacity to do, therefore, everyone has the capacity to have a positive relationship with money and earn as much of it as they want to.

I like how she doesn't talk about money in a greedy or consumer driven manner, but rather in terms of it being something we all need to survive in this day and age. She discusses how money has the potential to make us feel powerless or trapped or can liberate and empower us. The way we view money being crucial as to which category we fall into.

However, something I don't like about it (or rather something I wasn't expecting) was that the book became rather repetitive and focused solely on your mindset about money. After reading the book, I realised how important mindset is in terms of financial freedom, but I guess I was also hoping for some money making and money managing strategies.

I'm conflicted as to how I feel about this book as it conflicts with ideas presented in "The subtle art of not giving a F**k" which I am currently reading. I will write a book club blog on this once I'm finished, but basically the author talks about how when we strive for something e.g. money we are reinforcing ideas of lack, that we currently don't have it and that our lives are insufficient without it. I found this idea very interesting but also juxtaposed within "You are a Badass at Making Money".

Some Great Quotes

-RICH: Able to afford all the things and experiences required to fully experience your most authentic life. P.15

-Our 'realities' are make-believe- whatever we make ourselves believe, we experience. P.30

-The walls of your comfort zone are lovingly decorated with your lifelong collection of favourite excuses. P. 36

- "I'm telling you these (negative) things because I'm worried about you, I'm just trying to help." That's basically them saying, "I'm small and scared and I'm rubbing it all over you, but you can't object because it means I care." P. 190

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