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Clean eating | spring clean series

Eating clean doesn't just mean washing your food before you eat it...although, that's still a good idea. Having my head in 'spring clean' mode has made me think about my food choices and re-set some of my healthy eating habits that have been lost somewhere amongst the winter slump. If you're trying to get things off on the right path this spring, check out my top five tips below on how to eat clean for spring.

Good eating starts before the supermarket. They say don't go to the supermarket when you're hungry. I wholeheartedly agree. Stepping foot into the landmine that is sugar, processed junk and empty carbs when your stomach is begging you for a feed is a risky idea. But I also believe that you should never go to the supermarket without a plan. Check what you need beforehand and write it down. Don't deviate from the list unless it's a home staple that you simply forgot about. If that means that you have to leave your partner at home (because he continues to put ice cream in the cart) then do so.

You fail to plan then plan to fail. It's knock off time from work and you have no idea what you are going to have for dinner...how easy would it be to order take away. This is the general thought that goes through my brain when I forget to pull meat out for tea that night. Plan your meals in advance so that you never have to be like me and resort to frozen pizza for dinner instead of something that actually tastes nice and is nutritious.

Meal prep. Meal prep has literally been a god send this year. Especially since I have been doing extra at school and going to the gym straight after. Meal prepping on a Sunday or Wednesday night has pretty much allowed me to take a whole meal for lunch everyday. This gives me a boost of energy to beat the afternoon slump and also prevents me from going to the canteen to get something because "even though I just ate that apple, I'm still bloody hungry."

Find healthy alternatives. Sometimes I just want to go to KFC and get a Zinger burger or a Twister. Recently I have realised that I can make healthy alternatives of junk food that still tastes good, but is a whole heap better for you. Now, if I want an 'easy' dinner we might make chicken wraps with salad on them or hamburgers with organic beef patties. Instead of coke (my greatest vice) I might have Kombucha or sparkling water.

Enjoy a healthy snack. Lately I have been going crazy trying new healthy snacks. I take them to work for recess, have them after the gym or on the weekends when cooing meals requires slightly too much effort.

What are going to be your first steps to starting a new, healthy lifestyle?

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