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Creative influencers to follow | My social media favourites

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

I'm not a creative type by nature. Ideas and inspiration don't just come to me like they seem to do to other people. So one of the things I love to do is to cultivate a range of inspiring accounts to follow on the different social media platforms.

I'm relatively new to Pinterest and unfortunately don't have any awesome accounts to spotlight on that platform. But if you have a Pinterest fave, please feel to comment them below so that I can check them out.

YouTube is my most used account. I know for a lot of people, it's Instagram, but I really love watching inspiring videos. The thing that I love the most about YouTube is that, it's not all about the aesthetics, it's about the personality of the people which really allows for a deeper sense of engagement and community.

I don't subscribe to a whole heap of people on YouTube, but here are some of my faves.

For fitness:

-Brittany Dawn

-Heidi Sommers

-Whitney Simmons

For Health and Wellness:

-Sarahs Day

-Georgie Stevenson

For Lifestyle:

-Kalyn Nicholson

-Pick up Limes

-Karin Bohn

I have also been getting into YouTubers who discuss PCOS and other gut health related issues. I was recently diagnosed with PCOS and I have found videos to be the most informative and uplifting. Where possible, I try to support Australian YouTubers or smaller YouTubers because sometimes your content is deemed 'not as important' if you don't have a certain amount of followers and I don't think that's indicative of the significance of what these people are putting out there.

Next up on the agenda is Instagram, which I think is possibly the most used platform. Most of the people that I subscribe to on YouTube, I also follow on the Gram. However, IN ADDITION to those listed above, some of my favourite Instagrammers are:

-Tess Guinery and The Apricot Memiours

-Tallara Santana

-Laura Elise Studio

These chicks make my faves list, not only because I know them all personally but because I think their stuff rocks and I only need to look at their pages to be inspired. p.s. I wish I had a booty like Tallara...better keep working on those booty gains at the gym.

Last but not least on the inspiration train is blogs...

This may be surprising to know, considering that I'm a blogger, but I don't actually read blogs all that often. But I do have a few that I keep going back to again and again.

-Cupcakes and Cashmere

-At Home Blog by Joanna Gaines

-Kalyn Nicholson

Kalyn Nicholson is by far the triple threat in the creative arena...well according to me anyways. Her YouTube videos are mostly lifestyle related and I am particularly obsessed with her routine and must-read vids. Her Instagram is always themed and gives you photo envy for life. While I don't find her blog super relevant to read (while it is uplifting, I sometimes find it difficult to get into) the aesthetic is absolutely magical. I sought inspiration from her blog when creating my own and that's what prompted me to put an Instagram feed at the top of my Home Page.

If your in need of some creative, fitness or life inspiration perhaps go check out or follow some of these accounts. And while you're at it, why not follow me on Instagram and YouTube (@evolveliving_blog and Carly Morton). Make sure to comment below your favourite creatives so that I can go and check them out.

Carly xx

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