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Creative writing on 'Identity'

Updated: Mar 25

This was the result of an activity I got my Year 12's to do. We had just started the topic 'Language, Identity and Culture' and were looking at how we use language to communicate aspects of our identity.

After viewing Luka Lesson's 'Antidote' spoken word poem, I asked students to write one also. My kids were struggling a lot, trying to figure out not only who they identified as, but also how to put it into words.

This is mine:

Go in.

Look inside, to the dark recesses of my heart and mind, locked away for fear of outpouring. Anxious that the things that come up will be too moving, too emotional and that even though I try to big, strong and brave, that the mess that spills out will be too much to handle.

What will I do when it comes crashing down on me?

All the debris spilling out and sputtering, forcing me to confess that I don't have it all together, not even a bit.

Who am I?

A question I have asked myself for so long, searching helplessly, fabricating identities that "Look good".

Will you notice me?

Tell me how good I am...you're a good girl Carly.

Carly x

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