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Cultivating my home decor taste + Styling Inspiration

When I first moved out of home at twenty two, I wanted to save up and by new furniture. I thought my style was really funky and cool. Looking back now, I didn't have a clue and it really showed. I bought two navy blue lounges that were the most uncomfortable things in the world. My coffee table and TV unit were cream tones and more classic, which contrasted with the modern lounge and shaggy brown, luxe looking rug. For a long time I used a bright, lime green shower curtain as a table cloth. My study was a completely different style yet again with large, heavy dark wood bookcases and desk. It was very reminiscent of an old school smoking lounge. My bed was brown with a Moroccan flair.

While I still have the bed, TV unit and coffee table, I very happily got rid of the lounge and passed the bookcases and desk on to my parents.

Moving into a house with my partner, I wanted to reinvigorate and really establish a clear style that reflected my lifestyle, aesthetic and personality. Figuring this out was really hard. I had a Pinterest account but hadn't used it in years. I started a new one with the hope of finding inspiring content that could help redefine my home decor style and create boards for each room. While this was initially intended as a means for Dave and I to gain inspiration in building our dream home, we realised that that dream would have to be put on the back burner but that we could still fall in love with perfectly curated interiors and gain a fresh perspective on decorating.

In the past, my style had been very eclectic with a mix of colours patterns and styles, but as I grew older, it didn't really reflect my lifestyle any longer. I started to become interested in sustainability and minimalism and have took inspiration from these values in styling my own home.

For the bedroom, I'm interested in natural fibres for bedding, muted, cozy tones and minimal decor. I like the idea of having a couple of prints hung over my bed and would adore to have a full length, boho looking mirror to take outfit pics in front of. I like the idea of my bedroom being light and bright and uncluttered.

In terms of the main living space, I was heavily inspired by images of plush white/off white lounges, accent rugs and copious amounts of plants. I recently bought a new three seater shell coloured lounge from Freedom Furniture which I love and a neutral coloured Moroccan style rug to match. My study, I envision to have a similar aesthetic with a neutral palette, a few framed pieces and a sprinkle of greenery.

I do already have a heap of plants around my house but definitely want to get a monstreera plant and more fiddle leaf figs. With the exception of two red pots which I got back in my 'eccentric style days', all of my pots are brown and white. When I repot some of my plants I want to get all white, luxe looking pots. I used to hate white things, but I've now come to appreciate the it goes with everything and it NEVER goes out of style.

I love hard wood floors and white walls. My Pinterest is also filled with images featuring matte black hardware. A kitchen with white shaker cabinet, subway tiles and matte black hardware is my absolute dream. Through in a perfectly curated coffee station and you have a winner!

I haven't really cemented a bathroom style at present, simply for the fact that all the houses I've lived in thus far have been rentals and I haven't been able to have much of an impact on the overall bathroom aesthetic. I'm also not too certain on my outdoor living style except that I know I want an epic veggie patch and am not willing to invest the time and money into that when it's not my house and I can't take it with me. I would however, be interested in looking into having some sort of vertical garden or veggies/herbs in cute pots that I can place around my back deck.

So see more of my home decor inspo, check out my Pinterest and for images of my own home/style, follow me on Instagram.

Carly x

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