• Carly Morton

destination review: Bali

Humidity of the tropics. Sounds of rolling surf and the call of the wild. Dirty feet from wandering hidden tracks in thongs. Blistering skin from unprotected moments in the glistening sun.

This is Bali. Or at least a version that I experienced. Bali was NEVER top of my travel lists, and if my friend Lauren hadn't of invited me, chances are I never would have went. Now I have been twice, and even though there are plenty more places around the world I'm dying to explore, I haven't said no to a return trip to Bali...one day.

Both times we stayed in Ubud and Seminyak. Each with their own pace and places of interest. Ubud, being up in the mountains is more relaxing. It's the place to go for casual strolls, peeking through the markets and indulging in organic food and delightful days of pampering. The best experience in Ubud was a day trip up to the river and going tubing over rapids, watching the jungle flow past you. I am the most frightened person of heights ever, but on that day I went on a flying fox, a big feat for a wimp like me. Alchemy and Yellow Flower Café were our daily food haunts on both trips and boasted incredible organic, vegan food.

Seminyak, however, has a faster pace feel. It's the place to get most of your shopping out of the way and enjoy a cocktail at a beach front bar. I still love Motel Mexicola, Earth Café and La pluncha for food and drinks. The best Seminyak adventure we had actually wasn't in Seminyak. Instead we caught the fast ferry over to Nusa Lemboggan and went snorkelling. I have seen better reefs but it was still pretty cool.

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