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Easy + Healthy snack ideas for any budget

I am ashamed to admit that before I started my health and fitness journey my lunchbox for Uni or work was sad to look at. If it was something I could literally pick up and place in the lunch box, it got the tick of approval for me. Little did I now, I was ingesting tonnes of sugar (No wonder why I had no energy and frequent headaches). Dried fruit, choc chip biscuits, nut bars covered in chocolate, fruit yoghurts and if I was lucky, some fruit or nuts.

I ate things that had almost no nutritional value and both my Uni and the place I worked previously to school had a vending machine that sold Coke. You can imagine where this is going... I drank WAY too much Coke and in some ways became dependant on it to give me energy which is completely messed up.

Now days it's a completely different story, I make my lunch the night before so that I'm not rushed in the morning and can make better food choices. On the weekends, when I'm peckish and in need of a snack between meals, I no longer rely on pies and chicco rolls that can easily be chucked in the oven and then consumed but rather take the time to prep something decent.

Hands down the easiest snack to create when looking to have a nutritious and energy boosting lunch for work is to make extra at dinner time and pack leftovers. I have no idea why it took me so long to realise this? Perhaps I thought that it was TOO MUCH EFFORT to heat up a meal in the microwave for a minute before eating lunch. Stuffed if I know? What I have realised about doing this is, not only does it keep me fuller for longer but I have ended up saving money by buying less small snack foods and using up more of what I already have.

Another snack favourite is what I have termed a 'recess treat' mostly because I eat them at recess time at school. I just combine the following ingredients in a container and refrigerate:

-2x dessert spoons of full fat Greek Yoghurt

-Some fruit (Usually chopped strawberries or banana)

-A handful of toasted coconut flakes, pumpkin kernels and chia seeds

-A drizzle or either honey or organic peanut butter

Fresh fruit juices and protein shakes have been another snack go-to, especially over the hot summer break. I have been making use of my Nutri bullet which I would prefer to use over a regular juicer anyway simply because the nutrients are still being left in the food. When making juices, I try to use as many fresh ingredients as possible which helps to use up any fruit and veggies that might not be looking so crash hot. My favourites are kale, apple, strawberry and mango.

I have also been loving having my protein shakes in the bullet. After the gym, or if I need a little energy hit, I will combine a scoop of protein with banana, coconut milk, Greek Yoghurt and frozen berries. Not only does it taste good but it helps me to hit my daily macros.

My go-to easy lunch box snacks also include: nuts (particularly macadamias), fruit, cut up carrot, protein balls and rice cakes (either plain or with organic peanut butter). With so many easy ways to eat clean and get energy, I have no excuse to visit my school canteen.

What are some of your favourite healthy snacks?

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