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Enjoy the free stuff | Kill boredom on a budget

There have been numerous occasions where I have wanted to hang out with friends, made the suggestion that we go out for lunch and been turned down because it's not in their budget. Having had six weeks of holidays at the start of the year, I now understand where they were coming from because it's certainly hard to fill in six weeks of free time without going broke. Now that my savings mission has been turned up a notch, I'm realising that I want to continue to enjoy my time, steer away from the dreaded realm of boredom all the while, tucking away as many bucks as I can.

So I came up with a little list to remind myself that there are plenty of free things I can do with my time. If your on a budget like me, maybe next time you are wallowing because you are broke and 'there is nothing to do', perhaps pick something off this list and give it a go.

-Build a fort and camp out

-Have a movie marathon of childhood favourites

-Prepare a picnic and have a beach day

-Have an at-home pamper day and drink heaps of water

-Invite friends or family over for a BBQ- BYO drinks and a plate to share

-Go for a bike ride or bush walk and check out your local area

-Read a book in the sun

-Clean and de-clutter your home

-Do an at-home workout routine (See mine in recommended below)

-Make a big breakfast and eat it in bed

-Use up daggy ingredients in your fridge and cook meals for the week

-Start a blog

-Set up an Instagram photo shoot in your house

-Change around your furniture- change is as good as a holiday

 -Make a collage using old magazines

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