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February Favourites | My must-have items this month

The bad thing about six weeks of school holidays is the fact that despite having numerous hobbies and jobs to keep me busy, with that amount of time off, boredom is bound to set in. Some people when they are bored resort to eating or binge watching, but I realised that my boredom cure is... to shop online! When you are trying to save money to build a house, this can be a death trap. But despite the fact that I spent a crap load more money than I would like, I snagged some really awesome items that have quickly become must-have's.

A month back I entered this competition on Instagram to win a trip to the Maldives (sadly, I didn't win). In the process I followed a number of accounts that were part of the comp, Sleep Journal being one of these. Their silky monogrammed pj's were right up my alley so I took to the net to grab a winter set in white and a spring time pair in blush pink. Out went the daggy t-shirts and mismatched clothes I once kept for sleeping. These sets were significantly pricier than what I would usually spent on sleepwear, but they are so comfy and incredibly cute so the cost didn't bother me.

Since sleep is one of my favourite activities, I also took advantage of Purezone's 60% off sale and grabbed a bamboo throw and doona cover. Between the bamboo and soft pj's, sleeping is like heaven.

One of my goals for the year is to dress-up my work attire and to make more of an effort in my appearance at work. While my previous minimalist approach to make-up in the mornings worked for my '2017 I don't care what I look like at work philosophy' it wasn't really going to cut it in 2018. This time, Priceline helped me out with their sale of Nude by Nature cosmetics and I threw in some new Antipodes also. Admittedly, I had been washing my face with Thankyou all natural hand-wash previously and thought it was time to upgrade to an actual face-wash.

This favourite was the cheapest of the lot, wicker baskets. If your partial to the frequent Insta scroll like I am, you would see that baskets for your indoor plants are the 'in' thing. The two plants on my desk were in the ugly black pots that I bought them in and were in desperate need of a spruce. The small touch of adding baskets changed the feel of my home office, giving it more of a rustic, beachy vibe.

My final February favourite, is from my obsession... Gymshark. The Nikki Blackketter Season 2 collection came out in late January and I woke up at 2am (insane, I know) to get my hands on some of the goodies. Once again, this favourite was not easy on the wallet, but the quality and style made it worth the bucks. Going to the gym in workout clothes that make me feel and look good is really empowering and motivating. Unfortunately, because this collection was so highly anticipated, it sold out super fast.

While I thoroughly enjoyed depleting my account and coming home to a lovely surprise package at the doorstep, it REALLY is time to knuckle down. Over the next couple of months as house plans are getting drawn up and we begin to get prices on items, saving as much as I can for the build is crucial. While it is sad to feel like you are 'depriving' yourself, having something bigger to focus on and keep your thriftiness in perspective is important.

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