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getaway to the south coast

Small town, south coast living is my thing. Recently I've been craving exploring the local area. My cousin and I do what we call "Adventure days" and stop by some places to check out the history and beauty. Here are a few of the local gems I forgot existed whist being encumbered by the daily grind.

Back of Milton

Get out the back of Milton. Drive through the windy bush track and take a load off at Porters Creek Dam. While your driving take a second to really appreciate the beauty of the rolling green hills bordered by forest. Milton is a truly magnificent place. While your driving North, pull in off the highway to check out Granite Falls and the truly spectacular viewing platform to the entire region. For most people, it's breathtaking. For a person deathly afraid of heights like me, it's terrifying.

Move on to Manyana

A bit of a drive off the highway, i had never bothered with Manyana before. Stopping in, we realised that it's mostly just houses but with a pretty awesome beach. The kids loved it. Then hop over to Bendalong and get hot chips at the local cafe whilst checking out Washerwomans Beach. Truly spectacular and serene. A play area but the water and the boys were inquisitive about the ruined stone buildings by the bay. Take a moment to sit down and relax.

Jervis Bay

I live here now so I'm probably bias but Jervis Bay and surrounds are a magnificent place. Walk along the beach track from Vincentia to Huskission then grab a cider at the Husky Pub. While your up there check out Hyams and Murrays beach and the ruined lighthouse. I recently took the White Sands Walk from Hyams to Greenfields Beach and it was awesome.

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