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Girlboss Series | The Tiger and Taupe side hustle

With the release of Sophia Amoroso’s book and the television show of the same name, the title ‘Girlboss’ has pretty much become a household saying.

In saying that, as I wrote that word into the computer it wanted to autocorrect on me. Apparently, Word hasn’t caught up with the latest metalanguage. Come on Bill Gates.

Seriously, how good is it that in modern society we are seeing women killing it in the workforce, setting their own rules and being such an inspiration to those around them. I also like Kristin Cavillari’s term HBIC (Head Bitch in Charge). Potentially slightly more controversial with the word ‘bitch’ (Since we live in such a PC age) but nevertheless you get the point…

Women are smashing it.

In fact, I’m that in awe of the awesome women around me doing big and small acts of greatness that I’m thinking of making it an entire series. And first one up on the agenda is a friend and total Girlboss, creator of cosmetic company Tiger and Taupe, Emily Bass.

If you haven’t heard of her brand, Tiger and Taupe is a range of matte liquid lipsticks and glosses in epic shades. But stay tuned, because highlighter and eye shadow may be coming to you soon.

Our decision to collaborate came over a thoroughly riveting Staff Development Day.

We caught up over breakie and discussed all things business as well as frequently diverting off topic to talk personal- as women are so great at. This woman is a machine, not only is she working full-time and running a successful business, but Emily is currently also taking an E-Commerce course (because websites are the way and really people don’t have time to stop and browse in person these days). A new stockist drive is also in the works. She currently has six stockist’s found in; Ulladulla (at Teneille’s Beauty), Mittagong, Forbes and Wollongong which all help to increase the exposure of her products. Not to mention, this October with mark the brand’s first birthday and a big Melbourne brand take over is on the agenda.

So, with so much going on I wondered if it all came easy to Em?

She told me that the easy part was the products because she had a clear version for what she wanted her merchandise to encompass. The hard part was the tech (I feel ya love!). Her biggest challenge was setting up the website and trying to navigate the complexities of social media, trying to find a balance between posting regularly and producing quality content. This has been something I’ve struggled with in my blog also.

Em’s aim was to focus on lip cosmetics for the year, nail it and then the natural direction would be to change things up and give people what they love. So, festivals are on the agenda and so is a Tiger and Taupe Pro Tribe to help support make up artists and incorporate the brand more in the professional community.

It’s pretty inspiring that Emily can work a full-time job and side hustle so well. This kinda made me feel like a slacker because I seem to be coming up with so many excuses as to why I can’t do things and “I don’t have the time” seems to be my default slogan.

But she reminded me of something important “You don’t need to compromise between your full-time job and your passion. It’s given me back my purpose…I froth this stuff. It doesn’t feel like work.”

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