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Goodbye 2017 [A Year in review]

I was recently reading a journal entry I wrote at the start of the year. I was pretty optimistic that 2017 was going to be my year, I had good classes and a great relationship. It seemed like, for once, maybe the hard slog was done? Maybe it was time to relax and reap the rewards of all my hard work. Nope. 2017 has been a bitch.

I don't mean to sound all negative Nancy, this year hasn't been a bad one for me at all. But the thing that I have found is that if you want things in life; a meaningful relationship, your own home, a body you love or a well-paying job- you have to work for them. Sometimes, working for these things isn't complicated. It could be as easy as dedicating half an hour each afternoon to talk to your partner distraction-free or planning one together activity each weekend. A body you love may dictate more time, such as four or five sessions at the gym each week and healthy food choices each night. Getting your dream home could be even more complicated such as, two years of squirrelling away every spare cent from that well-paying job you spent five years at University trying to attain and another four years working from contract to contract with still no secure employment from one year to the next. 

When you want something bad enough, no matter what it is or how unachievable it may sound, if you do whatever it takes to achieve your dream, it will become a reality. Sometimes I think that it's not the goal itself that's hard, it's all that peripheral stuff. The fact that your partners ex-girlfriends are still in love with him, or that the presence of social media creates unrealistic body image expectations or perhaps it's the useless paperwork and mind-numbing meetings that rob the joy from the only job you've ever wanted to do (Or thought you could do). And just as comparison is the thief of joy, so is asking those pointless "What if?" questions. My dad always tells me to not worry about things that may never happen and perhaps that's part of the reason why 2017 has been so challenging.

So what about 2018?

Having recently read "The life-changing magic of not giving a F**k" by Sarah Knight, I'm determined to make next year about me and achieving my goals. This may mean not giving a f**k about what other people THINK I SHOULD be giving a f**k. Live minimally. Laugh often. Feel free. Yeah, 2018 is probably going to be challenging, but that's what happens when you are pursuing your dreams.

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