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Healthy Morning Routine

Good morning!

During the week, I hate the mornings. The thought of mechanising my movements to a time limit followed by a forty-five minute drive, to me, is utterly restricting. But on the weekends, oh! it is an entirely different story. The weekend is my bliss. I wake up only when my mind and body are ready, and I do it slowly. I have a habit of sleeping with the blinds open. During the week, the light booming through my window acts as a further incentive to get my body moving. But on the weekend, I close the blind and bask in the peace and relaxation of letting my mind un-fog. This doesn't mean I sleep in excessively. even on a weekend, I am usually awake by 7am. But what it does mean is that I have the time to stretch, think about my day and set my mind and body on a positive path. I think that's one of the essentials to a healthy morning routine.

Another major thing that I believe assists in starting my day off on the right foot is having breakfast. It doesn't matter whether I wake up at 5am or 8am, breakfast is always a priority. I know there are many people who feel that they cannot eat early in the morning, either because they are not hungry or because eating at that time makes them feel unwell. But for me, it's the exact opposite. If I have been up for a significant amount of time without food, I begin to feel sick in the stomach, lack energy and feel so faint that I cannot move. For me, starting off the day with breakfast is an essential. I often eat a big bowl of Macro organic muesli with lactose-free milk and either a tea or coffee (No sugar).

During the week, mornings can be a rush trying to get organised for work. To decrease the stress of a time limit, I often get things pre-prepared the night before. This usually means getting my lunch ready and selecting my clothes. At times, I will also do little chores around the house at night so that when I close the door in the morning the house is looking and feeling fresh. On the weekend, I usually don't do this. Saturday is my designated 'cleaning day'. I like to do this in the morning, by myself. As much as I appreciate Dave giving me a hand, things just don't seem to be cleaned as thorough when he 'helps'. I recently read an article in a home magazine that suggested instead of having a morning where you clean the whole house, do one job per night e.g. Monday night you clean the bathroom. While this is a good idea if you have small kids and don't really have time on the weekend for a big clean, I personally love the satisfaction of getting the whole house done in one go then having the rest of the day to relax.

The final thing that I implement on the weekend to establish my healthy morning routine, is to do something for myself. This morning that was putting on a face and hair mask, but often I will watch a movie in bed, listen to music while cleaning or cook a big, healthy breakfast. Doing things for myself, however big or small are important to remind myself that my physical, mental or emotional wellbeing is a priority. Nurturing that part of myself, particularly in the morning helps to remind myself that I am worthy of being treated and sets the day off right, knowing that even if all I'm doing is chores, at least I have done something nice for me.

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