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Holiday Lovin' | Make the most out of time off

Six weeks off seems like a long time but after a hectic term four going flat chat for ten weeks, I was well and truly looking forward to a break, not only so that I could have time to relax but also to catch up on those little niggly jobs that seem to get pushed to the side during the regular working week. Despite actually needing to achieve things, my resolution for these summer holidays was to make plans + make no plans + slow the pace down + appreciate the little things. I knew that not every day was going to be an exciting adventure and I also knew that I would probably be spending a lot of time solo as all of my family and friends live almost an hour away and it's not often that they come up to visit. Despite having hours, or perhaps even days where boredom was threatening to creep in, I decided to use this as an opportunity to appreciate those slow times and start to notice things around me.

For what seemed like the first time, I noticed how the sun came through different windows of my house at different times of the day. I noticed the sounds of my neighbourhood: birds, crickets and boats out on the lake. I noticed how good water infused with lime tastes. I regained my appreciation for reading. I kicked up my workouts at the gym and revelled in the soreness the next day. I drew, planned, binge watched, got pampered, rode, walked, basked in the sun, spent moments with the dog...and with Dave. I slept in every morning then made myself a pot of organic lose leaf tea and watched episodes of 'Riverdale' until I was satisfied that it was time to leave the comfort of bed. I cleaned every inch of my house (and car, and dog, and backyard).

Highlights of my summer holidays were definitely times with Dave. Getting up early and taking the White sands walk from Vincentia to Hyams. Becoming regulars at the Erowal Bay general store for our weekend bacon and egg rolls and milkshakes. Heading down to 'our reserve' for a dip. Going to the Huskisson carnival and dragging him on all the rides that weren't too scary. Riding our bikes around every inch of Erowal Bay and enjoying an afternoon bevvy on the back verandah as the sun goes down.

Not every moment in our life needs to be some massive adventure. Not every photo needs to be an epic Instagram pic. Not every relationship will be Romeo and Juliet (You know they both DIE right?). Not every day will be sunshine and roses. Sometimes you will be alone, bored, tired, defeated, impatient. Appreciate those times. Bask in the silence. Find joy in the everyday.

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