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How to be more motivated

"I'm not motivated"

I don't say it too often. But I hear it a lot.

How debilitating is that feeling of un-motivated lethargy and creative emptiness that sometimes sweeps into our lives? Motivation seems to be one of those all or nothing aspects of life in the sense that it seem to either be over-flowing with it and are in one of those 'get sh*t done' kind of mind frames or we are completely void of motivation all together where even the thought of washing that pile of dishes up is asking too much.

In saying that- I feel like at times, "I'm just not motivated" is an absolute cop-out. Motivation to do things, see things, change your life, be someone (yourself duh) and speak up isn't just going to magically appear for you.

Side Note: How good would it be if there was a pill you could take and all of a sudden you would be in a kick-ass mood and absolutely smash life. Of course this pill would have to be all natural and healthy for you!

In my mind, motivation works like this... FIRST comes ACTION then comes motivation.

If you are waiting to be motivated before you do something, you could be waiting around a long time. Being bold and brave and taking the first step is key. This first step could be as simple as getting dressed for the day or as crazy as going to the travel agent to book a trip. This action, as simple as it may be, will allow you to see success. When you see this success you will become motivated to continue and as you continue, success will continue.

Goal setting also helps increase motivation. If you have a specific target to work towards, you may be more motivated to continue to push yourself. Whereas, if you are just blindly going about your day (or life haha) without direction why would you be motivated? Not every day needs to have a goal. Honestly, some days my only objective is to rest and relax.

Being and finding inspiration may also be significant in cultivating motivation. For a long time, I never knew that certain things would inspire me. And for a long time, I was scared of taking that inspiration and actually using it in my life. Make an inspiration wall/book or create a Pinterest account to get ideas to change up aspects of your life. I also like to scroll Instagram and print out pictures and quotes that inspire me.

As strange as it sounds, recently I have taken to talking to people that inspire me and seeking advice on different aspects of life, work and passions. Bear in mind, sometimes these are not people I am friends with, but rather people that I notice on social media who are following their passion and inspire me to do the same.

Where motivation is taking me in 2018:

I am motivated to cultivate a healthy lifestyle.

I am motivated to smash the gym and see significant progress.

I am motivated to save money for my house and travel.

I am motivated to enjoy time with family, friends and in my local area.

I am motivated to be courageous in my expression of creativity and passion.

What are you motivated for this year?

How can you set goals around this and seek inspiration to ensure that you continue to find motivation?

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