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How to create a Pinterest-worthy home

If you have not gotten onto the Pinterest train, especially when it comes to home décor ideas, you are well and truly missing out. It is a fantastic space for getting aesthetic inspiration and collate these ideas into neat and tidy boards.

I recently created a #pinterestgoals series on YouTube where I pimp different areas of my home to give them an Instagram worthy aesthetic. Inspired by fellow YouTuber, Christie Swaddling, I gave a massive makeover to my wardrobe, study, linen cupboard, bathroom cabinet and pantry. While the overall beauty of these areas is significantly impacted by the general look of the houses I'm renting, the transformation from start to finish is something I was very happy with.

So here are my tips for creating those Pinterest-worthy spaces in your home, without breaking the bank:

Get inspiration

First things first, get on Pinterest and Instagram and start gaining inspiration for the space you want to transform. What is the overall aesthetic you want to create? What colour pallets do you gravitate towards? Put these on a board or even save them and put them on a PowerPoint slide and print out as a professional looking mood board to direct your focus. For most of my spaces, I stick to a neutral theme with brown and white as a base and pops of green and pink to warm up the space. I don't buy anything too trendy, instead focus on classic shapes, colours and styles so it doesn't go out of fashion.

Use what you have

Start looking around your house, what do you already have that's not being used to it's full potential that could be a great feature in this space? For my wardrobe room that was drabber than drab, I used a luxe looking throw rug that was formerly in the living room but had been sitting in the corner of another room, unused for months. What accessories do you have tucked away in the garage? Or how could you repurpose something?

Make a shopping list

Now while I'm all about saving money, let's be honest, you may need to fork out some of that hard earned cash. Now that you have done some inventory of what you want and what you already have, start jotting down things that you need to buy to improve the space. For my wardrobe room, I bought a clothes rack and for my study I bought a black and white map print of New York, both from Kmart. Shop around online and see where you can get the best piece for the best price.

Time to start

It's time to get to work. Start going through your space and sorting things into piles: keep, repair, bin and donate. I'm big on minimalism, so if something doesn't spark joy or can be used practically, I tend to just give it to charity (or see if any family members want it first). For that reason, when I'm shopping for household items, I'm very reluctant to buy anything that is just for aesthetic purposes only. I have a few art prints that follow a natural/boho theme, but mostly use plants for décor. Not only do they look pretty but they purify the air while they're at it.

A bit of elbow grease never goes astray

Once you have organised your things and know what you want to keep, don't forget to give the space a good clean so that you have a blank canvas to work with prior to putting it all back together. If you have something that you can't find a space for, maybe you need to ask yourself the question, do you really need it?

Make storage a priority

If you are not yet on the minimalism trend, make storage a priority until you can start culling your crap. I really like cane baskets to store books, cords and miscellaneous items because they look cool while they are at it. For both the fridge and the pantry, I like to move food items out of there plastic packaging and put them in recycled glass jars or containers. You can see inside them and they look more aesthetically pleasing.

Make sure you check out my full Pinterest Goals series on YouTube for more inspo and cleaning/organisational ideas.

Carly x

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