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How to create an at-home work out plan

It was a dreary October afternoon. I had just driven forty-five minutes home from work and had my gym gear in the back of the car ready to lift. However, after the hectic day at work, long drive home and miserable weather, I didn't really feel like hopping in and out of my car and having to deal with other people at the gym. Still feeling like I would like to get an exercise in, I was determined to go home, get my gear on and create a short, high-energy routine that I could easily do without needing access to any equipment. Wanting to do a little abs, legs and upper body work, this is what I came up with:

1. 10x star jumps

2. 15x squats

3. 10x crunches

4. 5x push-ups

5. 20x high knees jogging on the spot

6. 10x static front lunges

7. 20x Russian twists

8. 10x tricep dips

9. 10x curtsey lunges

I repeated each of these exercises back to back and gave myself a 1-2 minute break between sets. I completed this for a total of three sets.

This routine could be easily adapted to a total lower body day, including; hip thrusts, donkey kicks, cross over donkey kicks and/or fire hydrants. Or if you wanted to get more of an upper body workout, it would be easy to get tin cans from the pantry to use as weights. I hate burpees, so I specifically didn't include them, but used the star jumps and high knees to get my heart rate up. This type of at home routine would be great for anyone with limited time or those who are trying to save a little extra money by cutting down on gym memberships.

What are your favourite no-equipment exercises?

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