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How to create an INSPIRING work space

Having a designated study space is vital whether it's for school or work. But it's also important that this space is carefully cultivated so that it is both motivational and functional.

When putting this space together initially, there are a number of factors you should consider:

- Is there adequate lighting? We don't want anyone needing glasses before their time or straining their eyes due to insufficient light.

-Does the desk provide you with enough space? Ideally you need enough space at least for a laptop/computer and to spread out any books while working.

-Is the chair comfortable? it should be practical, sturdy yet easy to move. Above all, it should be comfortable and ergonomic, reducing strain on your back, shoulders and neck.

Consider some of the resources you may need to buy, borrow or create to add to the functionality of the space. As you may be aware, I'm a big fan of thinking and acting sustainably so the less you have to buy brand new, the better.

-Pens, pencils, highlighters

-Writing books/notebooks/post it notes


Inspirational wall

Create an inspiration wall or follow the hygge principal of having things curated around your desk to uplift and inspire you. A great resource for this is Pinterest. Create a quotes or motivation board full of things that bring you joy and print a few off.

For mine, I have bible verses and quotes from poetry alongside quirky art. I printed off a number of these to adorn my desk at work and have some others onto my wall in my study.

Get Organised

Have a organised filing system for lose paper. Filofaxes are great but I don't like that you can't peer in and see the papers without opening the lid. Having more of an open or see through filing system may be a better option.

Or if you are a digital magician, perhaps scanning your documents onto an external hard drive or uploading them to a cloud may be a better option. Other great options are different coloured manila folders and A4 plastic sleeve folders for different topics. Either way, having an organised desk is essential in ensuring that your work space is inspirational. 

Add a pop of colour

There is nothing worse than a boring, lifeless desk. How anyone is motivated to work or study in those conditions, beats me! Get out those highlighters and colour code your calendar. Colour code or journal your study notes to make them more artistic and enjoyable to create. Add a little art or perhaps a plant or two to your work space. 

Now that you have created the space of your dreams, it's time to get to it. Some additional strategies that may get you motivated to work could include:

-Playing some relaxing music (try for songs without lyrics)

-Having a glass of water on hand

-Sorting out what time of the day you are the most productive and doing majority of your work then

-Creating a to-do list

-Write down positive affirmations or goals and place them where you can see them

Comment below, what is a 'must have' in your work/study space?

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Carly xx

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