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how to // DIY pamper day

Creating an at home pamper day was one of the suggestions on my how to save money blog. I'm all about 'treat yo self' but am also a massive stinge and like to look on the practical side of things. For example, as good as my local beautician is, practicality does not like it when I'm off-loading $100 for a facial or $50 on some schmick nails. But us ladies like to look good, it makes us feel all tingly inside like we should be wearing a ball gown or being taken out for a fancy meal. I love practicality, but I am also a girl who strives for "the best of both worlds" and usually get what I want. So gather up some supplies and give some love to no.1 (You),

You will need:

- A chore free Sunday afternoon.

-Preferably rainy weather

-A good playlist



-Clay mask


-Nail polish

-Body/hair oil (Coconut oil is great)

-Fresh razor blades

Step One: Prep

Brush your hair and lather with a good teaspoon of coconut oil. Make sure to get all the ends, but I don't mind doing the roots also to hydrate the scalp. Coconut oil is a fantastic source of hydration. Twist into a bun and use a scrunchie to hold in place- you want your hair out of your face. While your at the prep, prep your face by washing off any make-up with a deep pore cleanser.

Step Two: Face the facts

Using a gentle and preferably natural, cleanser, re-wash the face to remove any lasting make-up or residue from the previous cleanser. I love Antipodes. Then exfoliate to remove dead and rough skin. I am currently obsessed with Sukin Carcoal based exfoliator (Pictured). Then apply a light face mask. Find one that suits your skin's needs e.g. hydration, detox or oil reducing. I am currently using the Assano one (pictured) which goes on really smooth but is somewhat difficult to wash off. Sukin also have one which I enjoy, like pretty much all of their products.

Step Three: Rise and repeat

After your face mask has been on for a good 10-15 minutes, jump in the shower. It's your pamper day here so no scrimping on the hot water. It's time for the full body treatment: Wash hair, rinse face mask and hair removal entire body...or whatever you can be bothered doing lol.

Step Four: Finalise

Before slipping into those PJ's (Or whatever you wear at home on a Sunday) give your body some nice hydration with either a body oil (I am currently using Palmers) or coconut oil...It's bloody good for all over. Pop some Moroccan oil in your hair to keep those locks looking good. To complete your beauty afternoon paint your nails (Either fingers, toes or both) in a colour that brings you joy. I generally hate orange but freaking love having my toes pained a red/orange.

These Sunday treats always make me feel super relaxed, beautiful and ready for the week. I hope you also enjoy this afternoon of bliss. What are some of your favorite pamper activities? Comment below.

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