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How to edit your wardrobe for winter

When I lived at my parents house I had a large walk-in wardrobe. I had it well stocked. All my clothes were colour coded. I used thick, wooden hangers that all faced the same way. My shelves were neatly organised and meticulously folded.

This general obsessive compulsive nature has not changed much since moving out of home. My clothes are still colour coded- because that need for aesthetics is real guys!

I ended up swapping the large wooden hangers for slimline velvet hangers. While the wood is great for holding sturdy items, it takes up a tonne more room in my wardrobe. The velvet ones are great because I'm able to fit more clothes comfortably in the space and the material means that things don't slip off them.

After watching a YouTube video recently, I decided it was time to give my wardrobe a little spruce for winter. There were just aspects of the layout that weren't working for me anymore and I feel that constant need to have less and less clutter.

In case you haven't realised, I'm all about the minimalist lifestyle.

In terms of he wardrobe, minimalist philosophy has allowed:

- Me to gain a better snapshot of what I own and use it more frequently.

- Waste less time looking through what you won, trying to figure out what to wear.

- Less complaining about 'having nothing to wear' because I appreciate all the things that I own.

-All my clothes bring me joy and make me feel confident to wear them (nothing broken, dirty or ill-fitting)

Below is a recent YouTube video I created to show how I edited nd organised my wardrobe for winter.

Carly xx

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