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Anyone who knows me knows that 'obsessive compulsive' is potentially too light of a phrase to use. Because I simply live and breathe organisation I often forget that to a lot of people it doesn't come naturally. Yes, being too organised can be stressful because striving to have things 'perfect' all the time is unrealistic and often unhealthy...trust me, I know. But having too much chaos in your life and home can also be stressful. I find that for me, allowing one thing to slip past me quickly snowballs into many things and before you know it you are overwhelmed with stuff you feel like you have to do. Here are a few tips to get you organised around the house. It is not an excessive list because I don't want it to seem like an unachievable project.

Tip One- Start with a list. Jot down ALL the things you want to do. Don't look at the list as a whole, instead think about each individual item and allocate one per week or fortnight depending on how busy you are. Start off with the most time sensitive items.

Tip Two- Do one room at a time. I often get side tracked and start doing little bits all over the house but I honestly think it is better to do an entire room at a time. That way, you get that room looking schmick and feel a sense of accomplishment that something is completed.

Tip Three- Sacrifice. If it serves no purpose. If it is hiding away in a cupboard and you forgot it even existed. If you've never worn it. If you don't like it. If it is broken. GET RID OF IT. My father and sisters are hoarders, I am a compulsive chucker. Sure, five years later I may wish I never threw it out. But for now, my house is clean and orderly and I know where everything is. Someone may benefit from something you sell at a garage sale or give to charity. If it is sitting around collecting dust it is something else you need to clean.

Tip Four- Make it beautiful. Your home should be comfortable and bring joy to your life. It should be a sanctuary to relax. A place where you feel at home. The things that serve a purpose but offer no beauty are stored in neat, designated locations. But some things are both purposeful and beautiful. I keep those things out so that when I look at them I smile. Perhaps this will change one day when little fingers can touch them.

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