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How to make renting work for you

After three years back at home, my family and I were on the verge of insanity...mostly me! Thus, despite knowing that renting is a complete waste of money, I needed to take the plunge. Moving up the coast to Erowal Bay was the best decision, albeit somewhat stressful (Who really knows how to set up Wi-Fi or how to deal with a real estate prior to moving out if home? Really?). Some tips I incorporated really helped me to set up a comfortable and cozy home on a budget.

Tip One- Green equals Good

I hate wasting money on useless decorations that I'm probably going to hate in a year. Perhaps I've gone slightly overboard but having a small indoor plan in each room has really helped to brighten up the space and make me feel content that I'm bringing a little of the outdoors inside. Aside from the aesthetics, plants are also really good at purifying the air. I have two Peace Lillie's that have lived at three different locations and despite me often forgetting to water them, have continued to flourish.

Tip Two- Never underestimate Kmart

Previously I had never considered Kmart the ideal location for buying furniture. However, after spending the holidays marking essays whilst sitting on the floor by the coffee table, I was desperate. I had originally wanted my partner to make me a desk like Tess Guinery, but lack of time on his part and lack of patience on mine didn't really help. Kmart to the rescue. I found this cool desk and bookcase online and it was delivered two days later...not bad!

Tip Three- Know when to spend and when to save

We could have gone and bought ourselves a new lounge. But why do that when we got this one for free. Sure it's slightly worn and doesn't quite fit in our lounge room but it's good enough for me. I suggest holding off spending a lot if money on lounges, coffee tables and dining settings when you are renting. Chances are each house will have a different size and set out lounge and dining room so buying for one particular space that may not be your forever home is a waste of money. However, a bed setting is pretty much going to work in any home. Mine was a bit pricey but i freaking love it.

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