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How to pack for the ultimate long weekend getaway

There are two types of packers...

The first type, a 'minimalist' if you will, grabs a few essentials from their closet and plans to wear them on repeat every day of the trip. This traveller focuses on keeping their luggage light for easy access.

The second type, which most girls will fit into is the over-packer. This lady, plans for worse case scenario and thinks it's better to have more than less, 'just in case'. And while preparedness is probably her greatest concern, not being an outfit repeater and having some swank looking Instagram pics, possibly has something to do with the bulging suitcase also.

I have heard fairytales about a third type of packer. One who is sensible and brings 'just the right amount' of goodies to ensure they are always looking their best while at the same time, not feeling like they are doing upper body day every time they lift their bags.

I like to believe in fairytales.

I recently took a short break cruise up to Moreton Island, off the North Coast of Australia where my packing sensibilities were put to the test. During the days on the boat, casual attire was necessary. However, at night, it was nice to dress up to go to the restaurants and out afterwards. Being that the weather was unpredictable, I also needed to bring both cold and warm weather clothes. Packing all of this in a small weekend bag was going to be tough.

If you are going on a short break and want to make the most of your bag space, here is a suggested packing list:


2x nice dresses

1x skirt

2x shorts

2x essential t-shirts

2x dressy tops

1x swimmers

1x hat

Underwear and socks

2x sets of gym gear


Nice sandals/slides




Essential make up- foundation, concealer, bronzer, mascara and lip gloss/lipstick



Phone charger/phone


Reading material


Panadol/Travel tablets

Check out my 'Holiday Packing' YouTube video and while your at it, why not subscribe to my channel!

Carly xx

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