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How to set and achieve your goals for 2018

The new year comes around and it seems like almost everyone is setting new years resolutions; to be healthier, start saving or quit smoking. Many of these will end up falling apart after a few weeks, or if your lucky, a few months. Creating habits is hard. Hader than a lot of people expect or are willing to achieve. And yet, I have goals for 2018 that I'm determined to achieve and I believe that if you approach goals in the right way you have a much greater chance of achieving them and living the life you want to live. When planning out my goals there are two acronyms that I use to help me ISMART and GROWTH. The first one gets you to think about the suitability of he goal itself:






T- Is it TIME bound?

Perhaps one of the reasons that our new years resolutions fall apart so often is because we answer 'No' to one or more of those questions. The second acronym helps you to develop habits to ensure that the goal is going to be achieved. My goal for 2018 is no small feat, here is how I used the GROWTH model to get started on my goal.

G- GOAL (What is your goal?)

By the end of 2018 I will have built and be living in my own home so that I can have my own space and a place to call home rather than wasting dead money on rent.

R- REALITY (What is happening right now?)

At the moment Dave and I are renting a house in Erowal Bay. I drive 45 minutes to work each day, five days a week and we pay $350 in rent each week. While the house is in a nice area, the drive can become arduous and the house itself is older, small and has many features about it that I don't like. Being away from Ulladulla means that I am away from family, friends and church. It means that I no longer have a gym buddy and if I want to attend my bible study or church, I would either have to stay at my parents house or drive extra.

O- OPTIONS (What could I do?)

For your options, list as many options as you can think of. You don't need to do all of these.

-Create a savings plan

-Limit or ban unnecessary or additional expenses 'wants' rather than 'needs'

-Talk to people who have recently built a house

-Ask family or friends to help us

-Move back home to save extra money

-Get a weekend or night job

-Access the internet/magazines/display homes for design inspiration

-Talk with Dave about the processes of building a house

W- WILL (What will you do?)

If you are someone who is new to setting goals, has trouble multi-tasking or is not highly organised, then in the 'What will you do?" section it may be best to select only one or two of our options. I, however, am a crazy person who thrives off organisation and lists...So I'm going to select a few.

1. I will create a savings plan outlining or fortnightly income and expenses and highlighting savings.

2. I will set aside 'spending money' to limit unnecessary spending.

3. I will talk to Sarah who has recently built a house.

4. I will ask family or friends to help us as the time draws nearer for building.

5. I will create a pintrest home inspo board to get design ideas.

6. I will talk with Dave about the process of building a house.

T- TACTICS (How and when will you do it?)

1. Tomorrow after the gym.

2. Every fortnight on a Wednesday after being paid.

3. On the Staff Development Day before the end of the day.

4. When we start building in order of need.

5. Done already.

6. Done already and will discuss further as more action is needed.

H- HABITS (How will you sustain success?)

I will write tasks in my diary now (Which I check each day). Every Monday I will then re-write in diary to remind myself of any new tasks or updates to task. I will also mention tasks to Dave so that he can keep me accountable.

Why don't you use the ISMART and GROWTH models shared above to help you create meaningful and sustainable goals for 2018!

Note: The GROWTH model is developed by Growth Coaching International. For more information, please click here.

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