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Is Gymshark worth it?

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Whitney Simmons

Nikki Blackketter

Grace Fit UK

And countless others, love Gymshark!

And boy do they pump it. With millions of Instagram and YouTube followers just between the three of them, Gymshark probably pops up on nearly every household device.

A new line.

A new colour.

A sale.

They talk about it, show it, wear it and before we know it...we are buying it.

Now I'm not here to dog Gymshark, because if you look in my wardrobe you will notice that ALL my gym attire is from them. But what I do want to question is, are we buying it because it's the best active wear out there? Or are we buying it because good looking blondes with lots of followers and great booty's are wearing it and telling us to buy it?

Is Gymshark worth the $$$...


-You won't find any hideous patterns with Gymshark, just interesting colours that will flatter almost everyone. I'm particularly partial to the beet, whereas my partner likes me in the purple wash.

-The material is really good quality and the attention to detail adds that extra touch. I'm in love with the double-up long sleeve- too hot, take off the long sleeve and wear only the singlet. The little thumb holes are adorable.

-Because they are so popular and sell out so fast, you won't be rocking up to the gym wearing the same clothes as everyone else. This was particularly true of the Nikki B Season 2 collection where I was lucky enough to snap up a number of great pieces.


-Gymshark are a British brand and I'm all about supporting local, particularly small businesses. Even if your not from Australia, wherever you are, it feels great to help out the little guy in your region.

-All Gymshark's models are carbon copies of each other. Where is the diversity? Do we really want to be paying $70 for leggings and supporting a brand that is not inclusive of all races and body types?

-Their merch sells out so fast and the hype is enormous. It's hard not to question whether they are intentionally creating that culture. If so, it's a great marketing strategy, but not really great if you are waking up at 2am Australian time simply to buy a new launch of Gymshark.

Recently, Gymshark had a massive sale. Apparently they only have sales of this magnitude twice a year. There was a lot of hype for it, particularly on Instagram. Whitney Simmons was flouting words like 40% off and there was this part of me that was screaming out "Get yo wallet woman!".

And that's precisely why I didn't shop the sale.

Reading books like "A Year of Less" and watching "The Minimalists" and "The True Cost" has taught me many things about changing my mindset around STUFF. Gymshark looks good, but that money looks way better in my bank account.

One or two sets of active wear is more than enough to satisfy the average persons gym needs. I certainly have more than two sets of Gymshark in my wardrobe, I don't need anymore.

Had I of shopped that sale, while I would have saved some money on individual pieces, I possibly could have spent $500 overall. With a number of trips coming up later this year, both within Australia and overseas, every dollar counts.

So what's the verdict?

Yes Gymshark is good quality.

Yes Gymshark is possibly pricier than other brands.

At the end of the day, buy it if you want to (just like I have) but remember, neither you nor I need to keep up with society's expectations of 'fitness girls'. Going to the gym is about being happy, healthy and reducing stress...it's not a fashion show.

Carly xx

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