• Carly Morton

kicking butt in twenty seventeen

I don't believe in New Years resolutions. For the most case I think they are setting you up for failure, a way to get you excited about the New Year but then perpetually disappointed when two days later the resolution you were certain would hold up this time has now been broken. Most resolutions seem to be about deprivation e.g. quit smoking or give up Coca-Cola. A more achievable way to go about goal setting would be to add something positive to your life (e.g. start going to the gym once a week) and see other changes occur in your life as a result of that positive change.

Instead of making pointless resolutions I like to create a wish list: What are the things I am hoping for this year to bring happiness and fulfilment into my life? Admittedly I added some rather peculiar ones to this years list e.g. enjoy all of the classes I teach, which I really have no control over. I did however, make some sensible contributions such as "See some real progress in going to the gym and keep it up".

Already being able to tick things off my list has created a positive start to the year. What are you looking forward to this year? How can you get goals that will enrich your life?

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