• Carly Morton

meal prep like a boss

It's 4.30 on a Sunday afternoon. I've already cooked three nights dinners and a lunch, eaten and washed up. Some may call me obsessive compulsive (and they would probably be right) but I mostly think of myself as awesome, obviously! AND intensely organised.

As previously mentioned, I hate cooking. Thus, if I can get all the nasty work over and done with in two nights I'm laughing. This week I made chicken wraps with salad, one for dinner and one to take for lunch. I also whipped up a little Indian after it's success last week.

Since starting meal prepping I can't imagine life any other way. Not only does it save me hassle on nights of the week that I don't have to cook but there's less wasteage as I'm cooking things up while they are fresh and food isn't left in the fridge to do to waste.

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