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My obsession | Gymshark try on and review

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

It's one of those "I saw Cady Heron wearing army pants and flip flops, so I bought army pants and flip flops" moments. I am obsessed with fitness YouTuber Whitney Simmons and have been watching her channel for some time (not a stalker, I swear). I noticed pretty quickly that she was always wearing the brand 'Gymshark' when she filmed her workout videos or did clothing hauls.

It seemed like nice stuff but I was pretty happy sticking with my cheap Cotton On gear because I'm slightly stingy. Then Gymshark exploded on social media (I have to say, they really know how to market to a young, modern audience) and like everyone else, I got suckered into buying.

I was so impressed with the quality of my first order (See below) a mesh back, crop top and super soft cropped leggings that I woke up at a ridiculous hour to buy the new release seamless range.

The Energy Seamless Sports Bras I got in every colour (Lilac, purple wash, black and beet) in a size small and they are literally the best sports bras I have ever worn. I don't have a big chest so they provide enough coverage and support.

Originally I was concerned about the back and whether I would get stuck trying to get in and out of them. I can safely say, having done so sweaty and tired, that it is not a problem. The bras are also so pretty and comfortable that they are great just to wear around the house. Not to mention, I think they make your boobs look pretty good, always a bonus!

For the first time ever, I wore only a sports bra and leggings at the gym and while it felt incredibly scary, it was also pretty liberating.

The Energy Seamless Leggings I also got in every colour. The lilac I got in a size extra small because I heard that they have more give than the other colours and this seems pretty accurate. Most people are upset or confused because the lilac has built-in nude underwear...but I think it's fantastic. At least I don't have to go commando or worry about selecting appropriate colour undies for the days I wear these.

The black, beet and purple I got in a size small and the black ones for some reason are EXTRA tight. The beet colour ones are cropped and I kinda wish I had of gotten the black ones cropped also because clearly Gymshark doesn't understand that size small people may not be supermodel tall and I have to fold up all my long pants (A minor annoyance for the sake of good quality and good looks).

Something that also confused me was how it was physically possible for girls who clearly have more defined glutes and quads than little old me, can possibly fit into a size XS. It seems that every hot, toned, fitness vlogger is wearing the smallest size available. How they get them on is anyone's guess.

A surprisingly awesome thing I bought was two Double-Up Long sleeve tops in purple wash and black. These were value for money because you get a singlet top and long sleeve crop top together. The idea is that you wear the long sleeve crop over the singlet and when you get hot you can take it off. I haven't worn them together yet, but instead wear them separately to create four different outfits. I love the back of the long sleeve crop and the thumb holes. Overall, I spent more than I normally would on clothes, let alone gym clothes. But I feel super comfortable and anything that get's me pumped up to go to the gym is alright by me.

Small Physique Update...

I didn't succumb too much to holiday indulgences, which enabled me to keep a relatively flat stomach. Despite doubling up on leg/glutes day I'm still yet to see much progress. I have been trying to up my weight as well as drinking my protein shakes and increasing food consumption but trying to keep it clean. One of the things that people tell you when building glutes is to be patient and don't become disheartened. I'm trying to keep both of those in mind and will continue to push myself in the hope that I see results.

Make sure to check out my YouTube (Carly Morton) and my Instagram (@evolveliving_blog) for more health and fitness motivation.

Carly xx

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