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my pole life

After what was a pretty shit break-up I was left not only sad and alone but also lacking motivation and passion in life. I had been wanting to attend a pole fitness class for some time but lacked the confidence to get there, not only because I didn't know anyone but also because I was by no means 'sexy' and coordination just wasn't really my thing.

Getting along to South Coast Pole Studio was pretty terrifying at first. Watching girls of varying ages lift, twist and contort themselves into almost inconceivable positions left me pretty awestruck...and also motivated. For my many flaws, I'm one of those people who, when I become passionate in something I take it to a crazy level. I wanted to give pole a good shot.

For the many people who brandish excuses like "I'm really not that fit" or "I could never do that" trust me, you can. At twenty five I had never played sports, went to the gym twice in my life and had just about zero coordination. doing a push up for me was strenuous work and if you've ever seen people in a pole fitness class you know that it requires some serious upper body strength.

For the two years that I attended pole fitness I made numerous friends, participated in a number of studio showcases and achieved things physically that I thought for a whip like me were virtually impossible. While I've had numerous girls tell me that they want to get involved, it really is just one of those things that you have to bite the bullet and do (whether you know anyone or not). Pole opened up a whole new world of fitness for me and was able to restore a confidence and beauty I had lost...or at least just temporarily forgotten about.

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