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my upper body workout

I never used to see any point in training upper body. For years I thought that working out your arms, back and shoulders would make you look masculine and way too buff. From watching my YouTube favorites, Heidi Sommers and Whitney Simmons, I have realised the importance of training upper body to achieve a balanced physique. Training upper body can also lead to lean, toned arms and back that actually look quite beautiful on females. Here is my go-to upper body workout on those arm days.

Warm up- Five minutes of cardio (i like Elliptical because I'm a stinge and can use the free WiFi whilst working out)

Chest Press- 3x15

Seated Row- 3x15

Body Row- 3x15

Dumbbell Fly- 3x15

Forward Raise with plate- 3x10

dumbbell Lateral Raise- 3x10

Dumbbell Shoulder Press- 3x10

Cable Tricep Push down- 3x15

Barbell Bicep Curl- 3x15

Every now and then I will alternate some of those with a few of these to keep my muscles guessing:

-Rowing Machine

-Chest Press Machine

-Tricep Dips

-21s with bar

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