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nespresso my love

I'm a big fan of buying myself presents. Working day in day out, slogging it out for the weekend can be pretty mundane. It was only a couple of years ago that i really saw the value in treating myself for the hard work i do each week.

During the last school holidays i took the "presents to Carly from Carly" notion to a new level and splurged on a nespresso machine. As a coffee enthusiast, it has singlehandedly been one of the best household purchases i have made.

Some other ideas for a delightful treat to the no.1 person (yourself):


  • A trip to the beatician.

  • Breaky at your favourite spot.

  • A new clothing item (Cotton on online is my weakness)


  • Flowers from the supermarket.

  • A trip to the movies.

  • Bubble bath/ pamper sesh.

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