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peachy keen

My partner tells me I have a small bum. But trust me, I'm working my ass off (love a good pun) to rectify the situation. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not aiming for a Kim Kardashian or Nikki Minaj figure. I'm 153cm and I realise I would look preposterous if I had a massive butt. But theres nothing wrong with a little bit of womanly curves.

While I'm starting up a new lower body routine, written up by my fitness instructor, here are some of my current favourite glute exercises:

  1. Walking lunges with leg raise. These also require a lot of balance so are good for your core. I usually do these straight after my warm up to ease my legs into it before I hit the weights.

  2. Glute bridge. Potentially the most awkward looking excercise at the gym hence my need to undertake it in a room away from on lookers.

  3. Leg raises. A challenging move that requires a lot if balance. Also targers your hamstring and man mine were killing the next day. I usually hold onto a wall but wanted to push myself.

  4. Weighted squats. Not my favourite move but it definitely hits the spot.

I superset these three exercises then head in for some machines. More of my favorite glute exercises in the next edition of peachy keen.

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