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We live in a consumer-driven culture. Almost everywhere we look we are told to buy something new. Whether you subscribe to the latest fads or not, chances are you are more wasteful than you should be. Lately I have been more mindful of this. Before I buy a new item of clothing now, I give something else away. Which still doesn't solve the problem of consumption, but at least it's a good start. And while I go to the supermarket carrying my re-usable shopping bags, the products I buy, even fruit and veg are usually covered in plastic that I have to chuck. It's almost inescapable. But I believe that a change of lifestyle and thinking comes down to the small choices we make everyday. something I have been trying hard to do (which has been made easier moving into a new house) is re-purpose some old items that I would normally donate or decide I no longer like, or know how to use anymore. Here are a few of my faves:

Summer weather in Australia has well and truly disappeared. The basket I normally take to the beach with me needed a little TLC, so i re-purposed it by making it into this cute book basket. I love children's books (Even though I have none, kids that is) now it sits in my study and looks adorable holding all my faves.

This dish was given to me by a friend. i immediately loved the colours, but wasn't sure what to use it for. Now it holds my watches and sits on my bedside table. It adds a pop of colour to my room.

I love candles (even though they contaminate the air, which is bad for you) but I get sad when they have burnt out and feel bad about throwing out the lovely vase. Now I use them to hold coffee beans (A natural deodorizer and completely amazing scented). They adorn my house, adding some colour and beauty all the while serving a new purpose.

My new challenge is to limit the amount of new things I buy and to try to find a way to re-purpose what I already have or to score great stuff from thrift shops, friends or family.

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