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Ready to binge? |Netflix Obsessions

For many of us in the Southern Hemisphere, Winter is over, the spring vibes are coming on strong and the devices used for Netflix binging over winter are sadly being put away as people step outside to soak up some rays. Unless you are a nerd like me...

You see, when I catch on to something good, I will literally dominate that show until the complete seven seasons of it are well and truly viewed. Don't get the wrong idea, this is never in one sitting. I do have a life. And while I often feel that rush of excitement in sitting down to see the next episode of a current favourite show, I like most others, get completely devastated once I have dominated the whole season and there is nothing left for me to do but continue scrolling, looking for something just as good.

If you are in this sad spot and need some fresh shows to obliterate, check out my list below:

Current binge obsessions

-The Blacklist

-How to get Away with Murder

-13 Reasons Why

-Mortal Instruments

-Orphan Black (Literally just found this!)

Old Favourites to revisit

-Pretty Little Liars

-Gossip Girl

-Gilmore Girls

-Vampire Diaries

-Game of Thrones (Also on Dave's list)

Dave's Picks

-The Walking Dead


-The 100

-Star Wars: Clone Wars and Rick and Morty (I literally don't know why?)

Ok- But not good enough to make my binge-list

-Shannara Chronicles

-Girl boss

What are you watching at the moment? Comment below to share fresh inspiration.

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