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Rebooting + Replenishing the F**K Budget

On Saturday I bought the book "The life-changing magic of not giving a F**K". I Smashed through it in two days (Seriously it was that good, two days was me actually taking my time). I have spent the past year wondering, if I was eating so healthy, getting regular exercise and the right amount of sleep, why am I always so tired, sick and cranky? Reading this book enlightened me to something I already knew deep down...I give way too many F**ks. I give F**ks on a daily basis, those F**ks come out left, right and centre. I give so many F**ks about things I literally don't give a F**k about that I don't have the time, energy or capacity to do things that I do give a F**k about. Sound familiar?

For the last couple of weeks I have been really slack about writing my blog. This seems weird to me because writing, and taking photos are things that I extremely enjoy. They bring joy to my life and make me feel like I have a purpose. So why am I not doing what I love? Because all of the F**ks in my F**k budget are going towards things that annoy me. Sarah Knight's key principle of her novel is "How to stop spending time you don't have doing things you don't want to do with people you don't like" and her first challenge is for individuals to distinguish what they do or don't give a F**k about. The question she gets you to ask yourself is 'Does it annoy?' the alternative of this is 'Does it bring joy?" I realised that there are a number of things in my life that annoy and yet I continue to put up with them and complain the entire time. A recent example, I was pressured in to sewing a patch for a friends baby quilt. Now I love my friend, but I hate sewing and wasting my time doing things I don't like. I then had to pay $10 for the patch which seemed like an entire waste...so your telling me you want me to do work and then give YOU money!!! Does it annoy? Yes. Now if I were to use the key principles of honesty and politeness to say "I love (Insert name) but sewing is not my thing, how about I buy a book for the baby instead" would his feelings be hurt? No. A number of people, myself included would not say this for fear of looking bad, however, another key principle of not giving a F**k, is not giving a F**k about what people think. Sure, care about people's feelings, because the only people who don't care about peoples feelings are assholes, but we certainly don't need to care about other peoples opinions.

Now that I've used the methods outlined to determine what I do or don't give a F**k about, it's the hard part...actually not giving a F**k...without being an asshole. As with all life changes, it's best to start off small. My cousin wants to do a secret Santa amongst the family for Christmas. But buying pointless presents for people just for the sake of it annoys me, so instead, I donated canned food to help those in need. However, me not giving a F**k is the easy part, pretty soon, I will have to use the NotSorry method tell everyone. While 'obligation' may make family the toughest people to employ the zero F**ks given motto, I'm starting there and starting small. Once I clear out the F**k budget of annoying stuff that wastes time, energy and money such as useless paperwork, extra jobs to make me 'look good' and the fact that my sisters like to judge me about my healthy lifestyle and religious beliefs, I will have so much room in said budget to give a F**k about my healthy lifestyle and religious beliefs.

What I've taken away:

1. Don't give a F**k if you don't want to.

2. Don't be an asshole about not giving a F**k.

3. Care about peoples feelings not opinions.

4. Life is short, do stuff you actually give a F**k about.

My new life of not giving a F**k example one. See image below. I asked Dave to take a photo of me in my new Gymshark gear. I then looked at it and thought, "I can't post that, my Triceps look huge." But then I realised, I have been working hard on upper body and I don't give a F**k what people think.

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