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Social media inspiration + Sunday vibes

I woke up this morning with the sun attempting to push its way through the blinds, alerting me to the mystery of Sunday. The coziness of my bed is the thing that reminds me of the glory of the weekend.

Every other day, I force myself unwillingly to throw back the covers and drag my body out of bed. It seems like, of a weekday, by body is always tired and sluggish, but on the weekend, I am bursting with life. Each weekend is full of hope and potential. A weekend ritual I have developed is to lay in bed with a cuppa and watch some of my Youtube favourites. Lately, I have been realising the damage that social media can do; making people over-reliant on technology and in a constant downward cycle of comparison. But I have also developed a greater appreciation for the power of social media to inspire and motivate people to live a better or more fulfilling life. That's the kinda stuff I'm into. If your having a rubbish week or want to be pepped up on a Sunday morning, here are some YouTube queen's I would recommend checking out.

Whitney Simmons

A Gymshark ambassador and gym junkie, Whitney is great for the fitness newbie. I'm still on that #gains train and always looking to boost the booty. She is my go-to for lower body workouts.

Brittany Dawn Fitness

Besides the fact that I'm obsessed with her Texan accent, Britt is another go-to fitness guru.

Kalyn Nicholson

She is super cute and slightly nerdy, with a love for Harry Potter, just like me. The thing I love most about Kalyn's channel is her morning/night routines. She is also the bomb at organisation (Not that I need any help in that department) and I love watching her house decoration videos.

Sarah's Day

A Sydney local. Sarah's channel is all about food, health and fitness. I love that she just keeps it real and that each of her videos are packed with goodness. Some YouTuber's spend so much time chatting, which for me is really boring.

Shay Mitchell

Besides the fact that I love Pretty Little liars, I have recently been getting into Shay's channel for her 'Shaycation' videos. I am hugely obsessed with travelling and am always saving for my next trip. Getting a look at Shay's trips to Morocco and Greece have put them on my travel wish list.

My Sunday vibes feel like...

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