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Summer reading list | Come away with me

My love of reading started when I first read Harry Potter back in Primary School. Cliché I know. Since then, I've gone through droughts where I haven't read for ages and times where it seems like as soon as I put down one book, I'm picking up another. This year, I have been challenging myself to read more and to read things that I normally wouldn't select. Being an English teacher, it seems appropriate that I should be an avid reader. Summer holidays are here and there are a number of books that are getting checked off my list.

The Illustrated Man

I'm a big fan of Ray Bradbury. Initially, I thought this was one narrative but quickly came to realise that it's a number of short stories that are etched into this man's skin in the form of apocalyptic prophecies. Distinctly Science Fiction, most of the stories are set in space. Overall, I liked the collection. I don't think I would read it in it's entirety again, however, would select one or two of the stories.

Slaughterhouse Five

The blurb said that the story is set in the German town of Dresden during the Word war Two bombing, so it immediately caught my attention. However, the main character who is clearly a tripper, goes back nd forward through time (literally) and at one point was kidnapped by aliens. Written in a very quirky style, it made for an interesting read but certainly won't be picked up again.

The Life-Changing magic of not giving a F**k

Non-fiction and incredibly humorous. his book literally changed my life and altered the way I perceive myself and the people, jobs, events and activities that make up my life. Certainly a good read for anyone who, like me, was feeling over-worked and under-appreciated and needs to grow some balls.


Written by the self-proclaimed "Minimalists" themselves, the book started off really interesting by addressing the question 'How can you live a more meaningful life?' but quickly lost steam and didn't really do it for me. If I read it again, it would only be to refresh short snippets from the start of the book.

Breakfast at Tiffany's

I started this one not that long ago and haven't made a heap of progress on it yet. Something that I immediately noticed however, was that the shiny, sophisticated version of Holly Golightly portrayed by the iconic image of Audrey Hepburn didn't seem to be the reality as indicated by the first few chapters. Perhaps my opinion of her will change... don't spoil it for me!

The Vegas Diaries

I love Holly Maddison. I was a huge fan of 'The Girls Next Door', watched her spin-off 'Holly's World' and was completely captivated by her first novel 'Down the Rabbit Hole' which exposed the shocking truth of life inside the Playboy Mansion. It was not surprise that her latest novel is just as intriguing. This one recounts life after the mansion and the hardships of starting out on her own and recovering from a string of failed relationships.

I'm not sure what's next on the 'must read' list? I really like coffee table books about travel, healthy living and beauty, so perhaps I will be perusing for something in that realm. When it comes to novels, I'm a bit of a mixed bag, generally I like something with action, romance and perhaps some mythology. What are the books on your holiday reading list?

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