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summer to-do list

I'm a self-confessed control freak. So the idea of a to-do this is positively thrilling. The magic of ticking things off that list really gets me excited (and now I sound like a nerdy weirdo). But seriously how great a sense of accomplishment do you get after vacuuming? Washing the car? or hitting the gym?

This summer I was fortunate enough to have six weeks off work- the perks of being a teacher. And before you launch into a tirade of "Teachers get so many weeks off what are they complaining about?" remember that I have to deal with hormonal, needy and frustrated teenagers on a daily basis. I wanted to make the most of the holidays by creating a to-do list of fun experiences. See my 2017 Summer to-do list below:

1. Hyams beach day.

2. Hawaii

3. Solo movies trip.

4. Weekly gym schedule.

5. Read "Ismael's Oud" by Mark Rafidi

6. Shopping trip-school supplies.

7. Day in at school.

8. Read "Away" by Michael Gow and make notes.

9. Girls night out.

10. Milk Haus for breakfast.

11. Cuppits Winery.

12. Dates with my love.

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