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Your girl can eat. By far the meal I love the most is breakfast. Sure, going out to dinner is nice because you get to dress up. And lunches on the town are great also, because let's face it, who can really be bothered making themselves lunch on the weekend. But there is something truly magical about breakfast time. I have a friend, Sam, who is obsessed with breakfast. I used to never fully understand her compulsion to try out new breakfast locations in every town. But something dawned on me and now I understand...breakfast is the bomb. Aside from starting your day out on the right foot and getting some energy into your system, the most delicious, fruity, layered and gooey foods come out at breakfast. Here are my favorite breakfast locations.

Number One: Milk Haus Milton

The rolling green hills and serenity of Milton probably has SOMETHING to do with why I love Milk Haus. Also the fact that the dishes are seasonal, changing every time I go there. But the real reason why Milk Haus top's my list is that it consistently delivers. I have a sweet tooth at breakfast time and Milk Haus always has a dish that touches my soul.

Number Two: Five little Pigs

I only recently tried this Huskisson favourite. After seeing the place packed week after week, I knew that it had the goods. My bestie Amy and I were damn lucky to get a seat, even at lunch this joint was full. Despite the time in the day we both opted for the all day breakfast. These people know what's up...all day breakfast is a God send.

Number Three: Main Deck

Also on the main street of Huskisson, my partner and I stopped in here because the Five Little Pigs was packed (surprise surprise). Although, I'm darn glad we did. Hit that sweet spot real good.

Number Four: At Home Delight

Now while I LOVE going out for breakfast, sometimes it's nice to whip up a little treat at home. I'm lucky to have a man who cooks me eggs in bed of a weekend, but every now and then when I have to fend for myself I whip up a little bowl of goodness.

Number Five: Bali (Full stop)

I work five days a week and have bills to pay so shooting over to Bali for breakfast a'int gonna happen. In saying that, when I'm there I take full advantage of the amazing breakfast. I love the fact that it's so easy to find healthy, flavorsome, organic food in Bali. It really gives you the kick-start you need for a day of adventuring.

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