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The best moments of 2017

We are well and truly cruising into 2018 and I think it's important to reflect back on the highs of 2017. While it was a challenging year in many respects, there are so many aspects of it that I'm grateful for.

Number One:

In April of last year I moved in with my partner, Dave. Having been living at home for the past two years, I was itching for my own space and wanted to take my relationship to the next level. We decided to move to Erowal Bay (Where he is from) a forty-five minute drive from where I was previously living and where I am currently working. It has been amazing having my own space and not having family or friends close by, it has challenged me to get out and about by myself and find new hobbies to keep me engaged.

Number Two:

Being in a new place has provided me with numerous opportunities to explore the local area. Erowal Bay, Jervis Bay and surrounds is such a beautiful region, boasting amazing beaches, walking tracks and a number of outdoor activities.

Number Three:

2017 allowed for a number of new experiences with family. Despite not living with them anymore, it seems that last year I was able to do more new things with my family than I ever have. We watched two football games and luckily our team won both times. We also stayed the night in Sydney and attended the musical, 'Kinky Boots'. Last year also marked the birth of a new cousin and the only boy cousin I have, such a blessing!

Number Four:

Great times with friends was another major win of last year. Harps and I became gym buddies and often celebrated our hard work by going out for coffee and a bite to eat afterwards. Lily, a coworker, mentor and all around amazing lady took me out for my first whale watching expedition. Not only did I get to extend my tour of Jervis Bay to the high seas, but got to see humpback whales and their calves up close.

Number Five:

I have never played team sports, always been skinny lacking overall muscle definition and couldn't lift weights to save myself. Last year marked a commitment to my health and fitness journey on a whole new level. My attendance at the gym averaged three times per week and I started to feel stronger and look better than ever before.

If you had a kick-ass 2017 make sure to share this post and highlight your own wins of last year. While it's great to look forward and be excited about what's to come, it's also important to look back every now and then and reflect on how far you have come, the blessings you have encountered and the growth you have experienced.

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