• Carly Morton

the dish: No.1

Shamefully enough I spent a year and a half eating Coles brand frozen macaroni and cheese or boiled vegetables with no meat. I had never been taught to cook, I had no motivation to do so and being on a strict budget made me feel ashamed for 'wasting money' when I splurged on meat and forget about buying organic.

These days, I have realised the importance of heathy and tasty meals. I also love to meal prep and usually cook two or more nights in a row. After tasting what I think is the BEST Indian at Huskisson's Indian restaurant I have a new appreciation for it and wanted to try my hand at a simple dish, taking rookie steps into the cooking world by using a packet spice mix.

All it calls for is:

-The spice mix.

-250g of Chicken

-Olive oil

-Rice or veggies for serving

-I also opted for garlic Naan bread yummo!

I have tried both the butter chicken and Tikka Masala meals and my personal favourite was the latter. Two nights meals done, tasty and cooked free from salmonella...not a bad job Carly!

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