• Carly Morton

the month of July

Winter. Chilly nights and windy days. A hot cuppa sitting by the fire. That's what I think when I think of July. But this July has been unseasonably warm. I once heard about this thing called 'climate change' but politicians told me it doesn't exist, so they must be right. July is the perfect time to get back into all those healthy habits you forgot about in June when the cold weather started to hit.

This month I kicked my workout up a notch, last term was so stressful that going to the gym seemed to be at the end of my 'to do' list. So in July I recalibrated and refocused on the things that matter. My health and happiness being at the top of the list. I enjoyed a delicious meal at a local favourite with my bestie and took to the seas with a co-worker to experience the majestic whale migration just outside of Jervis Bay. A truly beautiful, yet chilly experience. The weekends were warm so my partner and I took advantage of our proximity to Hyams Beach (Home of the Whitest Sand in the World) and basked in the winter sunshine.

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