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the month of // June

Not many people in Australia are that fond of June. And I don't really blame them! cold weather, chapped lips, limited outdoor opportunities (unless your hectic) and a perpetual desire to do nothing, simply because doing 'anything' is far too tedious in such horrible, bone-chilling weather. Clearly I am once again being melodramatic, what else is new? But the point that I'm trying to make is that June isn't that great.

Unless, it's your birthday. The fact that I was born on the 13th June 1989 means that even if it is a dreary month, there is at least ONE reason for me to love it. This year I turned 28, a very un-spectacular age however, it was the birthday that kept on giving. We are now into July and birthday flowers are still alive on my kitchen sill, a handful of chocolates still hide out in my bedside table and it was only the other day I got given a belated prezzie. June, you've pulled through yet again.

After talking about going to the footy with my family for what seemed like a lifetime, this year we finally got our act together and went. Yes we are all Roosters fans, my youngest sister the most 'fan-girl' of us all. She insisted that each one of us be decked out in a multitude of memorabilia, ensured we leave hours before the first game so that we could catch all three (joy) and continued to wave at all the young footy players, hoping that one of them would marry her. Despite the weirdness it was a good day and thank bloody goodness, we won all three games.

If you know me, you know that I love a little song and dance. Not that I am a good singer. I used to say that I wished my life was a musical, and most of the time I still think it's a pretty rad idea. The wonderful month of June also allowed me to go see the musical "Kinky Boots" inspired by the film of the same name. And it was freaking awesome. Thanks mum for the free accommodation, tickets, food and drinks. Gotta love those 'mum's paying' kind of trips.

Two trips to Sydney in the one month, the rest of the time I was pretty keen to spend at home. Continuing my exploration of Jervis Bay and surrounds, Dave took me to Hole in the Wall for a relaxing afternoon walk. A short walk from the road down to the beach, the 'hole' in the wall has now eroded, however, the peace and quiet and white sand gave us the perfect place to watch the sun set.

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